Phoenix Chemistry Services offers consulting services in the fields of analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, project management, data validation, quality control and quality assurance. We specialize in training in the performance of laboratory methods of analytical chemistry for all applications. Phoenix Chemistry Services specializes in training and education in quality control and quality assurance theory, methods, and protocols. Our personnel are proficient in laboratory services and management, and specialize in quality assurance in environmental applications. Phoenix Chemistry Services has experience collecting samples in the field, analyzing samples in the laboratory, performing laboratory quality assurance functions, project management, and managing an environmental laboratory.

Dr. Deborah Gaynor
Ms. Gaynor, principal, has more than 20 years of analytical chemistry and environmental management and consulting experience. For eleven years she worked closely with the USEPA through the Contract Laboratory Program (CLP). Dr. Gaynor has provided training for Target software for chromatographic instrumentation, in laboratories serving the needs of environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and clinical industries. She has extensive experience in the development and performance of analyses of environmental samples, including solid and liquid matrices and biota, on GC and GC/MS systems, while ensuring compliance with quality assurance programs. She has managed the GC/MS section of a large environmental laboratory, and has worked as the Quality Assurance Officer of a microbiology laboratory.

Kim Watson
Ms. Watson has 18 years of environmental chemistry experience and project management. She has worked in an environmental laboratory for over sixteen years during which time she managed numerous projects and was employed as the quality assurance manager. She has extensive experience designing and managing internal quality systems, ensuring compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Quality Assurance (QA) programs, and has served as the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) for EPA related field studies. She has performed data validation for many Superfund, RCRA, military, and commercial sites in accordance with EPA's National Functional Guidelines, regional guidelines, other agency procedures, method specific standard operating procedures, and using professional judgment as appropriate.

Dr. Joe Blersch
Dr. Blersch has over 20 years experience in analytical chemistry and education. He has taught Introductory, General, Organic, and Physical Chemistry at Hamilton College (Clinton, NY), University of Vermont (Burlington, VT), and Johnson State College (Johnson, VT), and was responsible for curriculum development, chemistry lectures, and laboratory training at the Vermont Science and Education Center (St. Albans, VT). In the environmental testing laboratory, he has extensive volatile, semivolatile, and pesticide and PCB analytical experience using USEPA methodologies, and in particular analyzing PCBs by congener. He has performed and developed analytical methods for environmental samples by gas chromatography (GC) using a wide variety of detectors, including FID, ECD, NPD, FPD, PID, and Hall detectors, and mass spectrometry (MS), using both quadrupole and ion trap detectors. He has also developed and performed trace analyses in commercial beverages using ICP/MS.

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